Exhibitions for Aero- and Astrophilately worldwide

F.I.S.A. can't organise philatelic exhibitions on its own, but can provide patronage, support and excellent jurors on aerophilately and astrophilately.

Future philatelic exhibitions

These exhibitions have the class Aerophilately and Astrophilately accepted in their General Regulations.

NOTOS 2021

19-22 November 2021
European Philatelic Exhibition
Peristeri Exhibition Centre

F.I.P. Recognition F.E.P.A. International

Notos 2021


10-12 June 2022
National Philatelic Exhibition
Antwerp Expo Jan van Rijswijvklaan 191 Antwerp

National Exhibition with International participation
Postponed from 28-30 August 2020 (Corona) and 11-13 June 2021.

Antverpia 2022

IBRA 2023

25-28 May 2023
Messe Essen. Essen. Germany

F.I.P. Patronage General World

IBRA 2023