Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Aéro- et Astrophilatéliques

International Federation of Aero- and Astrophilatelic Societies
Internationaler Federation für Aero- und Astrophilatelisten Vereine
... s'occupe des aéro- et astro-collectionneurs du monde entier !
En tant que collectionneur de documents aéro- ou astrophilatéliques, vous pouvez adhérer aux sociétés de votre pays.
Toute information sur les sociétés et/ou clubs peut être trouvée
... looks after the airmail- and astro-collectors of the whole world !
As a collector of aero- or astrophilatelic documents, you can join the societies of your country. All information on societies and/or clubs can be found here.
... betreut die Luftpost- und Astro-Sammler der ganzen Welt !
Als Sammler von aero- oder astrophilatelistischen Dokumenten können Sie sich den Gesellschaften Ihres Landes anschließen. Alle Informationen hier.

Recent News on Aero- and Astrophilately

  • 51st FISA Congress - Versailles, France

    FISA had the 51st Congress in Versailles, France, on Wednesday May 29th 2024.

    We welcome Arge Zeppelinpost e.V., India Air Mail Society, Argentina Sociedad de Aerofilatelia

  • Muller Catalogue on Aérogrammes

    FISA offers its members the opportunity to consult the complete Frank Muller "Catalogue des Aérogrammes du Monde Entier" to his members

  • Johannes Palmer new President of FISA.

    In August 2023 our president, Dr. M.U. Bedrich Helm, had to step down. Johannes Palmer was elected as new President of FISA.

More information on Aero- and Astrophilately

Take a look at our 26 member societies worldwide. Membership appliance ?

Defintion of Aerophilately and publications on aerophilately worldwide.

Definition of Astropilately and publications on astrophilately worldwide.

The latest news in our aero- and astrophilatelic world.

The 50st FISA-Congress took place in Antwerp on June 11th 2022.

Read a short review on new books and all about documents and regulations.

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