This part of the F.I.S.A. website is dedicated to all those people who publish articles and books on aero- and astrophilately worldwide. F.I.S.A. aims to support them in their work by making there work better known worldwide. F.I.S.A. Board
The F.I.S.A. Documentation Center

One of the tasks for F.I.S.A. is to provide aero- and astrophilatelists the necessary documentation for their exhibits : from F.I.P. regulations over short articles to the publication of some major exhibits in this Document section of the website. We would appeciate if members send us some short articles about some special events to be published here : these articles will remain on the site for consultation. We provide articles in .pdf file, so each visitor can print or save the article.

F.I.S.A. aims to publish as much information as possible on Aero- and Astrophilately. One of the most important sources of all collections are research works : these can be books, magazines, cd, dvd, internet publications or whatever more. But the basic for all scientific research is finding correct facts on all technics.

This page makes a difference between Publications from our fellow societies, Books published worldwide on our hobby and Documents on the F.I.P. regulations as well as on the history of " The F.I.S.A. Bulletin "


An overview of the publications of our fellow societies.

Recent Books

  • Deley et Vachet, piliers de la ligne - Bernard Bacqui√©
  • The Race to the Moon - Umberto Cavallaro


F.I.P. Regulations

G.R.E.X. - General Regulations for Exhibitions
S.R.E.V. - Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Exhibits
S.R.E.V. - Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Exhibits

Flash News

G.W.P. - 35 years of Astrophilately
A.P.C.D. -

Special Publications

Airmail from Bulgaria - Richard Saundry /BAMS.

The Bulletin

A few years ago the Board decided to have all News presented on the F.I.S.A. website in an easy printable file (.pdf), so each club can print the article if wanted. The only thing we ask is to provide F.I.S.A. with some interesting articles, reviews of books, announcements and results of aero- and astrophilatelic exhibitions, anything you want to share with other Member Societies of F.I.S.A.

From the start of F.I.S.A. in 1960, a quarterly Bulletin was published on paper, edited by our long time board member, the late Sir Alex Newall. The Bulletin was published most of the time in three languages (English, German and Spanish) and had about 60 to 70 pages in black/white with a soft color cover. Each club provided news and articles for this Bulletin and Alex Newall translated them in the three languages (an enormous work).

Due to high printing costs and even higher postal costs, F.I.S.A. had to end this publication with a last issue in October 2004 after 127 Bulletins, although this was a very nice way to contact our member societies.

-- A list of covers of The F.I.S.A. Bulletin is being prepared.