The F.I.S.A. Congress and General Meeting

The 50th F.I.S.A. Congress and General Meeting was planned for September 2021.
We can't prepare any of the necessary appointments at this moment, it all depends on the evolution of the Sars-Cov2 virus pandemic worldwide.

The Board of F.I.S.A. decided to postpone the Congress and General Meeting to 2022 : place and date to be determinated.

Hirtenberg - 2017
Stefan Bruylants, Wolfgang Porges, Dominique Petit, Bedrich Helm, Walter Hopferwieser

Tucson - 2003
Bedrich Helm, Hans Mierl, Steve Reinhard, Kuno Sollors

Tucson - 2003
Sir Alex Newall, Kuno Sollors, Tony Roth

Wuppertal - 2001
Romano Savini, Jacqueline Bekaert, Kuno Sollors, Tony Roth, Stefan Bruylants

Reports on F.I.S.A. Congresses & General Meetings

41th Congress 25-01-2003 Tucson /USA
40th Congress 26-05-2001 Wuppertal /D
39th Congress 14-05-1999 Vienna /A
38th Congress 15-11-1998 Virgina Beach
37th Congress 21-09-1997 Toulouse-Blagnac /F
36th Congress 14-06-1996 Toronto /CAN
35th Congress 07-10-1995 Dubendorf /CH
34th Congress 28-05-1994 Mantova /I
33th Congress 19-09-1993 Salzburg /A
32th Congress 01-11-1992 Chicago /USA
31th Congress 27-04-1991 Rotterdam /NL
30th Congress 06-05-1990 London /GB
29th Congress 21-10-1989 Zurich /CH
28th Congress 22-05-1988 Wien /A
27th Congress 26-09-1987 Berlin /D
26th Congress 31-05-1986 Chicago /USA
25th Congress 07-09-1985 Luzern /CH
24th Congress 09-06-1984 San Marino /SMR
23th Congress 29-10-1983 London /GB
22th Congress 17-06-1982 Paris /F
21th Congress 28-03-1981 Luzern /CH
20th Congress 09-05-1980 London /GB
19th Congress 02-06-1979 Paris /F
18th Congress 11-09-1978 Praha /CZ
17th Congress 20-08-1977 Berlin /D
16th Congress 28-08-1976 Venetia /I
15th Congress 26-04-1975 Luzern /CH
14th Congress 25-10-1974 Budapest /H
13th Congress 07-07-1973 Manchester /GB
12th Congress 30-06-1972 Brussels /B
11th Congress 10-06-1971 Berlin /D
10th Congress 29-05-1970 Riccione /I
09th Congress 27-04-1969 Luzern /CH
08th Congress 05-06-1968 Wien /A
07th Congress 07-09-1967 Budapest /H
06th Congress 10-06-1966 New York /USA
05th Congress 10-06-1965 Wien /A
04th Congress 19-09-1964 London /GB
03th Congress 07-09-1963 Brussels /B
02nd Congress 15-09-1962 Berlin /D
01st Congress 11-08-1961 Den Haag /NL
Founding 23-04-1960 Strasbourg /F