The 50th F.I.S.A. Congress and General Meeting

The Covid-19 pandemic seems on its way back and I sincerely hope all of you survived without any troubles and meanwhile got vaccinated for this Corona-virus. Due to the well known reason of a Covid-pandemic, our 50st Congress planned for 2021 in Hungary had to be postponed.

F.I.S.A. is now thinking about the 50th Congress to take place in 2022 and would like to invite you all in Belgium !

Originally planned for August 2020 was the National Philatelic Exhibition in Belgium= Antverpiade 2020 (100th anniversary of the Olympic Games in Antwerp 1920),
then rescheduled to June 2021 = Antverpiade 2021 (National) + Antverpia 2021 (Regional exhibition),
finally planned for 10-11-12 June 2022 = Antverpia 2022 (National Exhibition).

Since the FISA Congress 2021 will not take place, I offered FISA the opportunity to have the 50th Congress in Antwerp during Antverpia 2022:
1/ I would be honored to invite you all for the 50th FISA Congress in Antwerp
2/ Antwerp is a beautiful city to visit, especially in June : the best weather of the year
3/ I’m Vice-President of the O.C. for this Belgian National Exhibition with official International participation
4/ It’s a three day exhibition with the following parts :
— National exhibition with cooperation of the Dutch and the French National Philatelic Societies, including aero- and astrophilately
— Champions Class
— Olympic Class with some extreme rare exhibits about the Olympics in Antwerp in 1920
— Aerophilatelic Salon with 100 frames from 4 countries : Belgium (Aerofil/SAB), France (CAF), Great-Britain (BAMS) and Holland (Vliegende Hollander)
5/ We have the possibility to hire hotel rooms at the same conditions as for Antverpia 2022 : about 98 euro/night breakfast included
6/ The Mercure Antwerp City South is located about 500 m from the Antwerp Expo
7/ We can have a congress room in the hotel at a fair price
8/ FISA lunch also possible in the hotel
9/ Antwerp is easy accessible by plane (Brussels Airport and direct train to Antwerp in 25 minutes) or by train from all countries, or by car
10/ More information on the website (Dutch / French).

As Vice-President of Antverpia 2022, I am very pleased to invite you all to the beautiful metropolitan area of Antwerp, on the river De Schelde. Make a week free now to visit not only the Congress, the exhibition but also the City of Antwerp in the best season : a must !

More information on location and hotel accommodation will follow soon, but you can already find a lot of information on the website - Dutch & French language.

I hope to see you all at this 50th FISA Congress.

Best regards,

Stefan Bruylants
Secr. Gen. F.I.S.A.

Hirtenberg - 2017
Stefan Bruylants, Wolfgang Porges, Dominique Petit, Bedrich Helm, Walter Hopferwieser

Tucson - 2003
Bedrich Helm, Hans Mierl, Steve Reinhard, Kuno Sollors

Tucson - 2003
Sir Alex Newall, Kuno Sollors, Tony Roth

Wuppertal - 2001
Romano Savini, Jacqueline Bekaert, Kuno Sollors, Tony Roth, Stefan Bruylants

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