The F.I.S.A. Board represents 28 major aerophilatelic (21) and astrophilatelic (7) societies in 17 countries worldwide and has contact on regular base with these clubs. Most clubs provide a magazine and the cover and content of each bulletin is available simply by clicking the cover of the magazine.

  • Aero-Philatelisten Club Deutschland
  • Aërofil
  • Aerophilatelic Society of Southern Africa
  • American Air Mail Society
  • Associazione Italiana di Aerofilatelico
  • Australian Airmail Society
  • British Air Mail Society
  • Canadian Aerophilatelic Society
  • Cercle Aérophilatélique de France
  • Deutsche Aero-Philatelisten Club
  • Interessengemeinschaft Lufthansa Philatelie
  • Internationale Aero-Philatelisten Club
  • Mabeosz
  • Philatelisten-Club Swissair
  • Schweizerischer Aerophilatelisten-Verein
  • Vliegende Hollander
  • Association Astrophilatélique de France
  • Associazione Italiana di Astrofilatelica
  • Belgian Philatelic Society Cosmos
  • Gesellschaft der Weltall-Philatelisten
  • Gmunder Weltraum Freunde
  • Space Unit
  • Weltraum Philatelie
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  • Chinese Airmail Society
  • Federación Filatelica Columbiana
  • Gesellschaft für Aerophilatelie
  • Philatelic Society of India
  • Sociedad Argentina de Aerofilatelia
    Board of S.A.A.
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How to become a member of F.I.S.A. ?

Any philatelic club interested in aerophilately or astrophilately can become a member of F.I.S.A. and receive all the support F.I.S.A. can bring to you in philately, exhibits, jury questions, technical assistance and/or knowledge.

If your club wants to become a member of F.I.S.A. , please contact our Secretary-General Stefan Bruylants. After your membership form is sent, your appliance will be discussed on the next Congress and General Meeting. When accepted, the treasurer of F.I.S.A. will contact your club to inform you about the arrangements to become a member of F.I.S.A.