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Centre Versailles - Porte de Versailles
Distance: 14,5 km
Transport: train every 30 minutes

The 51st F.I.S.A. Congress and General Meeting

F.I.S.A. wil have its 51st General Meeting & Congress on May 29th 2024 in Versailles, France on the occasion of the National Exhibition Philex-France 2024 in Paris, France.

More info about the congress room and possibilities to visit Versailles and the Château will be communicated.

The 51st General Meeting & Congress announced some important points now:

  • Official election of the new FISA President, Johannes Palmer
  • F.I.S.A. will continue to exist and will focus even more on our members who actively participate in F.I.S.A.
  • Bringin aerophilately and astrophilately to the same level

We suggest arranging your own hotel reservation : length of stay, location and price may be different for each of us.
For those who also wish to visit Philex-France from May 30th to June 1st, we will still communicate the necessary details about public transport.

Hotel accomodations
Paris-Philex 2024

Paris-Philex 2024 will take place from 30 May to 1 June 2024 at the Hall 5.1 Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre in Paris 15e arr.