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  • F.I.P. delegates in Aero- and Astro-Commission 2022 - 2024

    The new Board of the Aero-Commission in F.I.P. was elected at the Delegate Conference of the FIP Section for Aerophilately at Jakarta 2022 World Stamp Chamionship on August 7th 2022:

    Chairperson Glen Stafford Australia -
    Secretary David Lu China -
    Member Fredrik Ydell Sweden FEPA
    Member - - FIAF
    Member Yan Choy Yang Singapore FIAP
    Appointed Mark Banchik United States -

    The new Board of the Astro-Commision in F.I.P. was elected at the Delegate Conference of the FIP Section for Astrophilately at Jakarta 2022 World Stamp Chamionship on August 7th 2022:

    Chairperson Charles Bromser Australia -
    Secretary Chee Hui Tan Malaysia -
    Member Christian Schmied Switzerland FEPA
    Member David Ball United States FIAF
    Member Madhukar Jhingan India FIAP
  • F.I.P. Lifetime Award granted to Mrs. Beatrice Bachmann

    A lifetime work for Astrophilately

    Beatrice Bachmann, the “Grand Old Lady of Astrophilately” was awarded the ‘Lifetime Award’ from the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP) for her lifetime engagement for astrophilately. FIP honoured her historic successes during the PRAGA 2018 Exhibition as Founder-President of the FIP-Section for Astrophilately. She was in the Section from 1985 until 2000 and was delegate for Switzerland from 1985 until 2013.

    With the help of the Swiss astrophilatelist Teddy Dahinden and Beatrice Bachmann, the FIP-Board accepted more than twenty-five years ago, during the FIP Congress at ITALIA 85 in Rome, the founding of a Section for Astrophilately within the Aerophilatelic Comission and the FIP-Special Regulations for Astrophilately.

    Bachmann was the leading lady in the development of the FIP Special Regulations and Guidelines for astrophilately. In 1990 she published the “Handbook for Judges” for allowed and not-allowed material in astrophilately. Also the FIP Seminar paper “Advice on Judging and Exhibiting Astrophilatelic Exhibits” was written by Beatrice Bachmann. During the FIP Congress at PHILANIPPON 1994, the Astrophilately Class was introduced on international exhibitions.

    Beatrice Bachmann gave seminars on astrophilately in several FIP World Exhibitions and specialized international air- and space exhibitions. Such a seminar during MOSKOU 1997 was attended by Russian cosmonauts Viktor Afanasjew, AleksandrPoleschtschuk and Georgiy Gretchko.

    The theme of Spaceflight was in the Bachmann collection as from 1961. She started exhibiting since 1970 and het exhibit “Vom Beginn der Raumforschung bis zum Raumflug” was awarded Gold for the first time during ITALA 85. Between 1985 and 1994, her exhibit was shown during several international Aero- and Astrophilatelic exhibitions or was asked to be shown in the Court of Honour. During PHILAKOREA 94 she made the giant leap to Large Gold Medal, the first time an astro-exhibit was awarded Large Gold. Other Large Gold Medals with Special Prize followed in ISTANBUL 95, Aviacion y Espacio 96 in Sevilla and ISRAEL 98.

    She was invited at MONACO 97 to show one of the most eldom astrophilatelic documents. During BELGICA 2001 she was invited in the Champions Class. During the World Exhibitions ESPANA 2000 en WASHINGTON 2006 she was invited in the Court of Honour.

    Original article © J.P. Esders / Weltraum Philatelie
    Translation from German text © S. Bruylants