American Air Mail Society

Dedicated to the documentation, preservation, advancement and promotion of aerophilately worldwide through education, study, research and services.

The American Air Mail Society (AAMS) is the second oldest aerophilatelic society in the world., presently with more than 900 members world-wide. It is a non-profit organization.

Membership includes a subscription to the Airpost Journal. The AAMS has one convention per year plus a table and a general meeting at the summer APS StampShow each year.

Associated societies are the Metropolitan Air Post Society MAPS ( and the Canadian Aerophilatelic Society (

Board of A.A.M.S.
President David S. Ball
Vice-President Dan Gribbin
Secretary William C. Fort III
Treasurer Stephen Reinhard
FISA-Delegate Patrick Walters
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Official Publication

Airpost Journal

The American Air Mail Society publishes a monthly magazine, the Airpost Journal.

An archive of "cover and context" of earlier Airpost Journals is here:

Volume 95 - 2024

Airpost Journal # 1123

  • Major James C. Fitzmaurice and the First East-West Flight Across the Atlantic / Liam Bryne
  • U.S. Airmail Rates 1910-1934, Part 3 : Governmental Period / James O'Bannon
  • Airmail Games / Joe Kirker
January 2024 # 1123

Airpost Journal # 1124

  • The Beacon Stamp Vignette and How it Came to Be / Ron Couchot
  • Airmail Aviator Walter Mills Bunting / Schalk de Klerk
  • 1932 Depression-Era Airmail: The 8-Cent Stamp, Envelope and Rate / Joe Kirker
  • Unlisted 1939 Pan Am Paris to New York First Flight / Jim Hester
  • A Forgotten Earhart Cover / Don Lussky
  • Unlisted Crash Cover / Ken Sanford
February 2024 # 1124

Airpost Journal # 1125

  • More Depression-Era Airmail Rates / Joe Kirker
  • Foreign Service Airmail Covers from Vichy France / Paul M. Holland
  • Scarce Lake Shade Stamp Discovered on Cover / Robert Brilliant
  • Lindbergh Recollections of CAM 2 Airplane Crash / Patrick A. Walters
March 2024 # 1125

Airpost Journal # 1126

April 2024 # 1126