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    The Australian Airmail Society was founded in South Australia during October 1968 when a meeting of aerophilatelic enthusiasts gathered in the office of Nelson Eustis in Gawler Place, Adelaide. Ted Roberts was elected President and Nelson Eustis the Secretary, positions each held for a long time, Ted until a few years before his death in 1997 – Nelson until his death in 2003.

    Today, the society is still based in Adelaide and meets at SAPHIL House, 22 Gray Court, Adelaide every month .

    The society is Affiliation with FISA and has an extensive specialised library holding which is housed at SAPHIL house.

    Apart from fostering aerophilately generally, the society has organised a number of re-enactments of important pioneer flights. The most ambitious was that which in 1969 commemorated the epic Ross Smith 1919 England – Australia flight. This resultant highly successful operation was brought about with the cooperation of almost every postal administration en-route, especially Australia.

  • Board
    Board of Australian AMS
    President Margaret Noack
    Vice-President John Bodnar
    Secretary John Bodnar
    Treasurer David Figg
    FISA-Delegate Martin Walker
    Contact David Figg
    Official Publication

    The Australian Aerophilatelist

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  • 2018

    The Australian Aerophilatelist # 115

    January 2018 # 115

    The Australian Aerophilatelist # 116

    • The Jessie Litchfield - Paul Robertson Letters
    • QANTAS and Its Postage Franking Machines
    • The 1933 Christmas Mail Flights to Java (and back)
    • Cuba First Flights and Airmail Events Catalogue 1913-2018
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    The Australian Aerophilatelist # 117

    • New Edition of The Australian Air Mail Catalogue - Help Needed
    • A 1-2-3 Tale
    • The John Crowe Collection of Australian Airmails
    • Aerophilatelic Research - More than a Catalogue
    • Book review : Cachets applied to interrupted New Zealand Airmail
    • Centenary of Captain Harry Butler's Homecoming Flight Covers
    July 2018 # 117

    The Australian Aerophilatelist # 118

    October 2018 # 118
  • 2017

    The Australian Aerophilatelist # 112

    • The first flight fromEurope to Australia and Return
    • Interrupted Mail from Tom Frommers First Airmail Auction September 2016.
    • Interrupted Mail from Tom Frommers Second Airmail Auction April 2017
    • Tom Frommer's Admission to the American Air Mail Society's Hall of Fame
    • Appeal for cover carried on 1934 Trans-Tasman Flight by "Faith in New Zealand".
    • Attempt to Route Airmail from Australia to Nyassaland via New Guinea
    January-March 2017 # 112

    The Australian Aerophilatelist # 113

    • Adelaide to Gawler Airmail Centenary Events for Thursday 23 November 2017
    • AAMC 202d The DH66 Flight from Perth to Darwin in 1931
    • 1945 Two Swedish Airmails to Australia
    • England-Australian Airmail Routes during WWII
    July 2017 # 113

    The Australian Aerophilatelist # 114

    • Adelaide to Gawler Airmail Centenary Covers & Postcards from 23 November 2017 - Re-enactment
    • 1919 Baghdad to Australia mail by the "The Old Carthusian" and Vickers Vimy (Part 1)
    • New England Airways : Inclusion of Lismore as a Mail Stop on the Brisbane-Sydney-Brisbane Route
    • How should we celebrate the Centenary of the First United Kingdom to Australia
    October 2017 # 114