De Vliegende Hollander

  • Presentation

    “De Vliegende Hollander” (=The Flying Dutchman), a society founded in Amsterdam on 1 January 1936, aims to promote the interests of collectors of airmail, including airmail stamps, special airmail, postmarks and aviation documents.

    The society tries to achieve and encourage this by activities such as:

    • organising regional meetings with lectures and auctions in three different regions in The Netherlands;
    • celebrating the annual “Day of the Aero Philately” with an exhibition and a special cover and commemorative postmark;
    • new-issue service at cost price, which enables its members to subscribe to airmail covers carried by various airlines and often cancelled with special postmarks;
    • circuit, which enables its participants to buy philatelic material from boxes circulating among the members;
    • library service; the society’s book collection is located in the library of the Royal Netherlands Association of Philatelic Societies (KNBF) in Houten;
    • publishing books and airmail catalogues;
    • publishing a magazine, “De Aero-Philatelist” (4 volumes per year);
    • a website (;
    • general e-mail address:
  • Board
    Board of De Vliegende Hollander
    President -vacancy-
    Vice-President Jaap Kenter
    Secretary Wim Van der Helm
    Treasurer Klaas Jongerden
    FISA-Delegate ---
    Website De Vliegende Hollander
    Contact Wim Van der Helm
    Official Publication

    De Aero-Philatelist

  • 2017 - 2020

    De Aero-Philatelist - # 2 - August 2019

    • Indian Airmail Propaganda (1930-1932)
    • AJU and AJU
    • Lecture on the Boeing 747
    May 2019 # 2

    De Aero-Philatelist - # 3 - August 2017

    • A special airmail collection
    • Budapest - Szeged - Budapest by Fokker F.III
    • Emergency airmail en/or Icepost
    August 2017 # 3