Associazione Italiana Astrofilatelia

  • Presentation

    AS.IT.AF. – the Italian Astrophilately Society – has been established in 2008 as a non-profit organization, to become the focal point for all astrophilately collectors in Italy and to disseminate information among the Members and serve as a forum for exchange of ideas on our common hobby.

    AS.IT.AF. aims at
    - Promoting the interests of astrophilatelists and space collectors;
    - Facilitating contacts among collectors;
    - Promoting studies, research and publications about historical and technical aspects in relation with astrophilately and space mail;
    - Helping in starting a collection, with particular attention to young collectors;
    - Helping in finding proper astrophilatelic items, minimizing risks and errors;
    - Producing astrophilatelic items related to space events contributed by italy;
    - Organizing seminars and meetings about topics of interest;
    - Organizing and supporting astrophilately exhibitions;
    - Facilitating participation to space events;
    - Creating and maintaining relationships with similar foreign associations.

    AS.IT.AF is affiliated with the Federazione fra le Società Filateliche Italiane

    AD*ASTRA , the quarterly Journal of AS.IT.AF. provides information – both in Italian and English – on the main astrophilatelic and space events, with a special focus on Italy. Twenty five per cent of the Members are from outside.

    AS.IT.AF. is a non-profit organization and does not support commercial activity.

  • Board
    Board of AS.IT.AF
    President Umberto Cavallaro
    Vice-President Luigi Bussolino
    Secretary Pietro Della Maddalena
    Treasurer Pietro Della Maddalena
    FISA-Delegate Umberto Cavallaro
    Contact Pietro Della Maddalena
    Website AS.IT.AF
    Official Publication

    Ad * Astra

  • 2020

    Ad Astra # 44

    • Mission accomplished for Luca Parmitano
    • The first catholic Bible into the space
    • Beware ! The ill-famed Baikonur fakes are still up and running !
    • From the sea to the stars
    • Brugherio Exhibition "4 steps on the Moon"
    • The "Epic of Apollo" in Moncalvo
    • First unsuccesful recovery of Chinese space mail
    March 2020 # 44

    Ad Astra # 45

    • Crew Dragon : a new chap^ter in space exploration.
    • First succesful recovery of Chinese Space Mail.
    • Space tourism : 1- space adventures.
    • Vatican and Apollo programme.
    • American special space cancellations in history
    June 2020 # 45

    Ad Astra # 46

    • Scienza Fantastica in Spotorno
    • Space Tourism - 2 : Virgin Galactic
    • ISS shot by Chinese remote sensing sat Jilin-1
    • Beth Moses: the first woman to fly on a private spacecraft
    • A coin to commemorate Christa McAuliffe in 2021
    • Final test of HAPS at Spaceport America
    • From Antarctica to Space
    • Space mail from Chinese Shenzhou 1 Unmanned Test Spacecraft
    • Houston ISS Mission Control Station pictorial postmarks
    September 2020 # 46

    Ad Astra # 47

    • The third structural unit ESM-3 is delivered to Airbus Bremen
    • Rover Rosalind Franklin leaves Turin for final tests in Cannes
    • Hayabusa-2 brings back samples with new data on life in the Universe
    • Kathleen Rubins: a laboratory microbiologist turned astronaut
    • Space Mail from Shenzhou-2 Unmanned Spacecraft
    • First test of the next-generation Chinese crew spacecraft
    • Will it still be possible to make astrophilatelic covers in Italy?
    • “Making Space” - Book review
    December 2020 # 47
  • 2019

    Ad Astra # 40

    • A very special cover exclusive to ASITAF members
    • InSight lands on Mars, carrying Italian technologies
    • Apollo 8 - Merry Christmas from the Moon
    • The Unfulflled Potential of the External Tank
    • Anne McLain : to preschool at 3, to learn to be an astronaut
    • Book Review : The Race to the Moon in Stamps, Postcards and Postmarks
    • Special Soviet Postmarks in the eighties
    March 2019 # 40

    Ad Astra # 41

    • Paolo Nespoli in Villarbasse to commemorate 50 years since moonlanding
    • Apollo Programme : 5 steps towards the Moon and beyond ...
    • Putting their stamp on the Moon / Chris Calle
    • Calle, the first Honorary Member of ASITAF
    • Apollo 11 - First Communion on the Moon
    • Christina Hammock Koch
    • Soyuz MS-10 Launch Failure in 2018 and implications
    • Stratolaunch : a dream doomed to end soon ?
    June 2019 # 41

    Ad Astra # 42

    September 2019 # 42

    Ad Astra # 43

    December 2019 # 43
  • 2018
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