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Wolfgang H. Porges, FISA Präsident

Berlin, January 10, 2016

Dear Mrs. Andrée Trommer - Schiltz, 

The implementation of Astrophilately as a FIP „section“ after many years of negotiations was an enormous sucess for Philately. Finally both aero- and astrophilatelic exhibits were subject to fair judgements within FIP exhibitions as the FIP GREX allowed a clear distinction between these different philatelic classes.

But now I received a copy of a letter from Tay Peng Hian, FIP President, regarding „Proposed Revised FIP Statutes and FIP GREX (General Regulations of the FIP for Exhibitions)“. Here we recognize that above existing regulations shall be amended to the extent that Astrophilately as a „section“ should be eliminated within the FIP Statutes; furthermore  the FIP GREX  should be amended  in order to eliminate the Astrophilatelic Class as well and merge Astrophilately with Aerophilately. These suggestions apply to FIP Statutes Articles 40 + 41 and FIP GREX Article 5.7.

FISA, the International Federation of Aero- and Astrophilatelic Societies can and will not support these antiquated suggestions. We reject the proposal to merge Astrophilately into Aerophilately. In this context we also urge reversal of the approval allowing Traditional Airmail Stamp exhibits as a „sub-section“ of Aerophilately. 

Very truly yours

Wolfgang H. Porges