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A.T.A. - Space Unit

The Astrophile


The Astrophile # 325 - June 2019

- Study of NASA's Kelly Twins

- 100 Years after Einstein's Theory Rose

- NASA lander detects Eerie Rumble of 'Mars Quake'

- Insight and MarCO mission to Mars

- The Exoplanet Hunter Tess

- Exoplanets and the Discovery of Trappist-1

- Spaceflight Precision at the Edge of Our Solar System

- Pluto's Perplexing Moons

- Nasa's Dawn satellite & Exploration of Vesta and Ceres

- USPS 46 : The Galileo Satellite

- See a Black Hole for the Fitrst Time

- Katie Bouman Helped The World See a Black Hole

- A New Horizon

- Up in Space, Mice found a New Way to Play

- DM1 Mission and Falcon 9 Resupply Mission