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The F.I.S.A. Bulletin was the quarterly bulletin, edited by F.I.S.A. during many years. It was our long time board member, late Alex Newall, who was in charge of this printed magazine for many years.

July 2016













IAPC : 60th Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett 2016

APCD : Wissenschafsreise nach Tansania (Sonnenfinsternis)

June 2016

Jean Mermoz disappeared 80 years ago

On this occasion, Bernard Bacquié has published a book on this pioneer of flight "MERMOZ - SES VOLS - LA VERITE" after studying the life of this pilot of the Lignes Latécoère - Aéropostale and Air France.
More info here.

April 2016

Obituary of Avedis Kechian

Federación Argentina de Entidades Filatélicas (FAEF) regrets to report that on Thursday, April 28 passed away our former vice president, Avedis Ketchian as a result of an accident on the street that could not be recovered. He was 79 years old and was President of Sociedad Argentina de Aerofilatelia (Aerofila), FIP Juror Aerophilately Class, and a leading exhibitor of Aerophilately. It is an unfortunate loss for Philately and their many friends. Our condolences to his beloved family. Rest in peace.

APCD : Segelflugpost Auerbach/Vogtl

APCD : 21. Thüringer Montgolfiade

March 2016

APCD : Lilienthal-Gedenkflug

February 2016

NEW FISA MEMBER SOCIETY : Weltraum Philatelie eV joined FISA

F.I.S.A. is proud to announce that the German Astrophilatelic Society Weltraum Philatelie e.V. joined F.I.S.A. in December 2015.

This society with about 400 members is a long time player in astrophilately, since 1977 already. One of the great astrophilatelists in this society was the late Peter Wilhelm, known by most atsrophilatelists. Today Jürgen Esders is teh President and he tries to reinforce astrophilayely in Germany and knows that F.I.S.A. can help him in getting his goal !

Please take a look what this big society stands for and have a look a their magazine and website.

BLUE AIR Erstflug Sibiu - Köln/Bonn vv

Die im Jahre 2004 gegründete und in Bukarest ansässige Billig-Fluglinie Blue Air verbindet ab dem 28. März Sibiu (Hermannstadt) mit Köln.
More info FLASH message 2016-02.


January 2016

- Air Mail from Bulgaria in 1928, by Richard Saundry - © 2015

The author, Richard Saundry, presents this paper to FISA as a first publication (première). It is a rather long but original, hopefully controversial article about Bulgarian airmails.

Air Mail from Bulgaria in 1928

This article is property of R. Saundry : no parts of this article may be reproduced in any way without written permission from the author.

- Luftpost zur Sonnenfinsternis : APCD News

Am 9. März findet eine totale Sonnenfinsternis statt, die sich über den Indischen Ozean, Indonesien bis zum mittleren Pazifik, nördlich von Hawaii erstrecken wird. Die besten Beobachtungs-Chancen ergeben sich zwischen Sumatra und Borneo. Das ist das Ziel eine Wissenschaftsreise von Astronomen und Astro- Philatelisten unter Leitung von Dr. Eckehard Schmidt. Die Gruppe wird am 9. MŠrz auf der Insel Belitung das Ereignis zu beobachten versuchen.
More in the FLASH message 2016/01

Our President Wolfgang Porges has a New Years message for all aerophilatelists and astrophilatelists.


- EUROSPACE 2016 : 12-17 April 2016

International Exhibit with FEPA Recognition for Astrophilately, Open Class and Thematics.
Frames are 16 pages A4 and 15 euro/frame.
Astronauts and Cosmonauts are expected to be at the exhibition.

Location is Prague, Czech Republic.

More info : Eurospace 2016

- ROSSIKA 2016 : 20-22 May 2016

International Exhibit with FEPA-Recognition organised by the Philatelic Academy of Russia and the Philatelic Academy of Berlin-Brandenburg at the occasion of :
- 85 years mail between Luftschiff "Graf Zeppelin" and the Russian ice-breaker "Malygin"
- 55 years first manned spaceflight
- 125 years first flight Otto Lilienthal

Location is Haus der Wissenschaft in the Friedrichstrasse, Berlin.

More info : BDPh and Michel-Katalog

- NEW YORK 2016 :

International FIP Exhibition, all classes represented.

More info : New York Stamp Show


After the New York 2016 Exhibition, a page of covers is missing !
They belong to Walter Hopferwieser (Austria) and were part of his exhibit.  They went missing somewhere between New York and Vienna.

Hope you might be able to help or at least keep your eye out for the items. See the missing page here.

Any information on this page or these covers can be mentioned to Walter M. Hopferwieser: Untere Hauptstraße 31, 7501 Oberdorf im Burgenland, Tel. +43 664 5022998. e-mail:

Honorary President of F.I.S.A. died at the age of 95.

F.I.S.A. received the sad news that our Honorary President Roland F. Kohl died at the age of 95 on July 11th 2016.

Roland Kohl was President of F.I.S.A. from 1977 until 1998. More.

F.I.S.A. Board Meeting

On October 8th 2016, the Board of F.I.S.A. will have a Board meeting in Luzern/CH at the occasion of the "50 Years of Aero-Philately" in Switzerland.