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Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Aerophilatéliques

The F.I.S.A. News

The F.I.S.A. News brings to you interesting articles, reviews of books, announcements and results of aero- and astrophilatelic exhibitions, anything you want to share with other Member Societies of F.I.S.A. The Board decided to have all News presented on the F.I.S.A. website in a .pdf file, so each club can print the article if wanted.

Jean Mermoz disappeared 80 years ago

Posted 2017-01-02 22:26:39

In 2016, it was 80 years ago Jean Mermoz disappeared. A new book is published..

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Astrophilately mourns for Dr. Dahinden

Posted 2016-12-30 21:16:00

A great philatelist has passed away. Dr. Dahinden promoted astrophilately and created the Class Astrophilately..

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