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From our Member Societies

The F.I.S.A. Bulletin was the quarterly bulletin, edited by F.I.S.A. during many years. It was our long time board member, late Alex Newall, who was in charge of this printed magazine for many years.

Information from our member societies is also available in flash messages, remaining only a short time on the site.


From our Member Societies

Posted 2018-09-23 21:06:25

The Australian Air Mail Society

Martin Walker, President, Organising Committee of Aeropex 2019, announces the plans to celebrate the centenary of the first England to Australia flight next year.

After the sad and premature demise of Ross Wood, the AuAMS is still organising people to fill the huge gap he has left. 

The new editor of The Australian Aerophilatelist will be Darryl Fuller. 

The new Australian delegate to the FIP Aerophilately Commission will be David Collyer in Sydney. 

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Australian Airmail Society and as part of their celebration we are hosting the Annual South Australian Philatelic Congress on the weekend of 6 & 7 October 2018. 

Next year, the Australian Airmail Society and the South Australian Philatelic Council will again join forces to host a special aviation themed philatelic exhibition here in Adelaide on the 6th to 8th December 2019. This will be known as Aeropex 2019 and celebrates the centenary of the first England to Australia Flight by Ross and Keith Smith. 


     The Canadian Air Mail Society

-  Centenary of Canada's First Air Mail Flight

     The American Air Mail Society

- AAMS Group on Face Book

Dedicated to the documentation, preservation, advancement and promotion of aerophilately worldwide through education, study, research and services.

Dear AAMS Member,

Thank you very much for your loyal membership in the American Air Mail Society.  You are the Society’s most important resource, whether you collect, conduct research, write, exhibit or sell. To those ends, the Society wants to provide you as much support as possible; as efficiently as can be done.  Over the last quarter century, tremendous changes have been made in the information technology and social media we all use.  To remain relevant, the Society must keep up.  Our Board recently approved the first steps; improving our website and the delivering an on-line version of APJ. After finishing those website improvements, we will then look at various options to deliver our amazing catalogues.  I will keep you advised of our progress.

In addition, as a first step into Social Media, AAMS has created a Group on Face Book.  This trial initiative should allow faster dissemination and better sharing of relevant information, as well as provide a channel for feedback from you.  I am surprised at the number of interesting events and articles, relating directly to our hobby, that come to my attention each day.  I think you might be interested in some these as well.  Once we understand the power to facilitate, collaborate and inform, I think you, and many other members, will help fly us to new capabilities and uses.  

On Face Book, search in “Groups” for American Air Mail Society.  Please read the Group Rules and answer the simple questions posed.  Once accepted into the Group, feel free to use the power of Face Book to keep us all informed on what you are doing and thinking about aerophilately.  When you do request to join, bear with us.  We are learning the ins and outs of managing the Group, so it might take a few days. 

I realize that many of you are not using Face Book, so I will ensure that significant information is also passed through more traditional means.  After a suitable test period, we will evaluate the pros and cons to decide on the long-term future.  Your opinions are essential to the plan.  Let me know what you think.

Warmest regards, 

Lee Downer