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News from F.I.S.A.

The F.I.S.A. Bulletin was the quarterly bulletin, edited by F.I.S.A. during many years. It was our long time board member, late Alex Newall, who was in charge of this printed magazine for many years.

Information from our member societies is also available in flash messages, remaining only a short time on the site.


News from F.I.S.A.

Posted 2018-11-18 11:07:09

AeroBerlin 2019 - Update

Presently the  Schöneberg City Hall undergoes major renovations. These should be finished by the end of March 2019. We were now informed that this date could be questionable  which might cause difficulties in the realization of the competition show AEROBERLIN 2019.

The Philatelic Commission of AEROBERLIN 2019 met on November 13 and decided on the applications for the competition show. All applicants will receive respective informations in due course, however under reserve as the date of the competition show maybe postponed. 

Nevertheless I am very happy  to tell you that our FISA CONGRESS 2019 will definitely be held at the Schöneberg City Hall  on April 27, 2019! We try hard to present at least an Aero/Astro Saloon on this occasion.

Further information will not be available until mid January 2019

AeroBerlin 2019 and 49th F.I.S.A. Congress

F.I.S.A. will have its 49th Congress on Saturday April 27th 2019 during the AeroBerlin 2019 in Berlin.
As always, after the Congress F.I.S.A. offers a lunch for all delegates atteding. More details later.

AeroBerlin 2019

Das Jahr 2019 ist reich an aerophilatelistischen Erinnerungsdaten.

Am 6.2.1919 wurde der regelmäßige Luftpostdienst zwischen Berlin-Johannisthal und Weimar aus Anlass der Tagung der deutschen Nationalversammlung in Weimar aufgenommen. Dies war zugleich die Geburtsstunde für die regelmäßige Luftpostbeförderung in Deutschland.

Für die deutschen Luftpostvereine APCD, DAPC, ILA, Arge Zeppelinpost unter Federführung des IAPC (Internationaler Aero-Philatelisten Club „Otto Lilienthal“ e.V.) als Veranstaltergemeinschaft in Kooperation mit der FG Berlin ist dies der Grund zur Durchführung einer Rang 2-Ausstellung mit internationaler Beteiligung sowie eines Literaturwettbewerbes an geschichtsträchtiger Stelle im Rathaus Berlin-Schöneberg.

Schwerpunkt der Ausstellung sollen aerophilatelistische und Berlin bezogene Ausstellungsobjekte sein, aber auch andere interessante Objekte für die Wettbewerbsklassen Aero- und Astrophilatelie, Postgeschichte, Traditionelle Philatelie, Ganzsachen, Open Philately, Thematik, aber auch Ansichts- und Motivkarten und Literatur sind herzlich willkommen.

Berlin ist immer eine Reise wert   -   EXCLUSIV  PARTNER


Partner für logistische und touristische Aufgaben während der AeroBerlin 2019.
Für unsere AeroBerlin-Ausstellung 2019 konnten wir einen neuen Exklusivpartner gewinnen. Wir freuen uns, dass sich das Berliner Familienunternehmen Kögelreisen bereit erklärt hat, uns bei allen logistischen und touristischen Aufgaben zu unterstützen. Kögelreisen übernimmt den Rund-um-Service für die Gäste der AeroBerlin 2019.
Folgende Leistungen werden dabei angeboten:

  • Hotelreservierungen / -buchungen
  • Transfers vom / zum Flughafen und Rathaus Schöneberg
  • Restaurantvermittlungen und -reservierungen
  • Rahmenprogramme (Stadtrundfahrten in Berlin / Potsdam, Stadtführungen, Museumsführungen, Theater-, Konzert- und Opernbesuche, Besuch von Sehenswürdigkeiten)
  • Anschlussprogramme in Deutschland / Europa (Flüge, Hotels, Transfers, vor-Ort-Programme)



We were able to engage a new exclusive partner for our AeroBerlin-exhibition in 2019.

We are pleased that Kögelreisen, a family-owned tour-operator based in Berlin, agreed to support us in all logistic and touristic tasks. Kögelreisen offers every service possible for the guests of the AeroBerlin 2019.

The following services will be covered:

  • Reservation and bookings of hotels
  • Transfers to / from airport and town-hall Schöneberg
  • Recommendation and reservation of restaurants
  • Ancillary events (sight-seeing tours in Berlin / Potsdam, guided city- and museum-tours, purchase of tickets for theaters, concerts, opera)
  • Support of further bookings in Germany / Europe (flights, hotels, transfers, local events)

Contact details:

OBITUARY: ROLAND FELIX KOHL (March 3, 1921 - July 11, 2016)

Roland Felix Kohl was born in Dresden, Germany on March 3, 1921 of a Swiss mother and German father. He completed his basic education in 1939. Always interested in aviation, airplanes and dirigibles, he wanted to become an aeronautical engineer.  When he started to collect stamps as a youth he reflected his penchant for aviation by seeking stamps related to that field. His ambitions took a change in 1941 when he was drafted into the German Army. Trained as a telegrapher, he was serving in that capacity when his unit was transferred to the Russian front and was wounded during fighting around Latvia, evacuated back to Germany, treated and recovered. While convalescing in Dresden he survived the February 13, 1945 horrific bombing that virtually destroyed that city. With his mother, he escaped to Leipzig where his sister, Yvonne, lived. However, she had moved to the outskirts of Nuremberg and so Roland and his mother found transportation there. Reunited, they awaited the arrival of the U.S. Army which they joyfully welcomed. When he sought to continue his education, there were no classes for Aeronautical Engineering and he enrolled in the Civil Engineering program. Upon graduation in 1952, he got a job as an engineer working for the U.S. Airforce rebuilding damaged/destroyed airports.

An old friend who had emigrated to New York before the war returned to Germany on business and tracked Roland down. He convinced Roland to come to America. Aided by his aunt and family who lived in New York, he found a place to live and got a job working for Amman and Whitney the famous bridge builders. With a team of other engineers, he designed the huge cable anchorage for the Brooklyn side of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

Roland met a lovely Swedish girl, Kerstin, in New York, fell in love, and married her in January 1958. They lived happily in the city, both became U.S. citizens. In 1962 they decided to return to Europe and Roland quickly found jobs working for American engineering firms rebuilding industrial plants and refineries in Germany. In 1970 he was offered a job as Chief Engineer for the Zurich International Airport.  He and Kerstin were delighted to move to Switzerland. Unfortunately, Kerstin’s health deteriorated and eventually she died of cancer in May 1995.

All through the years after the end of World War II, Roland enlarged and maintained his philatelic collection and became active in several philatelic organizations. While at an International Philatelic Exhibition in Thailand, he fell in love with the country and after Kerstin’s death purchased a 12th floor condominium on the beach in Patong, Phuket. He was there on December 26, 2004 when the historic tsunami hit. Fortunately he was located in a sturdy 30 story building and was an observer of all the chaos that ensued.

Eventually, he developed glaucoma and macular degeneration and hearing loss. Unable to get good health care he decided in 2011 to return to the United States and live with his first cousin, André and his wife Sally in Delaware. Succumbing to various ailments, he passed away peacefully on July 11. 2016.  He was 95 years old.

F.I.S.A. is proud to announce that the German Astrophilatelic Society Weltraum Philatelie e.V. joined F.I.S.A. in December 2015.

This society with about 400 members is a long time player in astrophilately, since 1977 already. One of the great astrophilatelists in this society was the late Peter Wilhelm, known by most atsrophilatelists. Today Jürgen Esders is teh President and he tries to reinforce astrophilayely in Germany and knows that F.I.S.A. can help him in getting his goal !

Please take a look what this big society stands for and have a look a their magazine and website.