The F.I.S.A. Board represents 26 major aerophilatelic (20) and astrophilatelic (6) societies in 17 countries worldwide and has contact on regular base with these clubs. Most clubs provide a magazine and the cover and content of each bulletin is available simply by clicking the cover of the magazine.

  • Aero-Philatelisten Club Deutschland

    Der Aero Philatelisten Club von Deutschland wurde am 12. September 1923 in Berlin gegründet und hat mit Ende des 2. Weltkrieges aufgehört zu existieren.

    In der DDR gab es Versuche den Club neu zu beleben, es wurde der Zentrale Arbeitskreis Luftpost (ZAKL) gegründet. 1990 wurde der ZAKL aufgelöst und am 16. März 1991 gründeten wir den APCD. Es gibt eine Schriftenreihe - bisher 12 Titel - und Bearbeitung der deutschen und österreichischen Luftpost als Kataloge.

    Als Vereinszeitschrift hat der Club die „ Luftpost Nachrichten“, die 3 x im Jahr erscheint.

    Board of APCD
    President Reiner Stimm
    Vice-President Michael Vierig
    Secretary Dr. Volkmar Mehlitz
    Treasurer Dr. Volkmar Mehlitz
    FISA-Delegate Reiner Stimm
    Website APCD
    Contact Reiner Stimm
    Official Publication

    Luftpost Nachrichten

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  • Aerofil

    The Belgian Aerophilatelic Society Aërofil was founded in 1962 to unite Dutch-speaking aerophilatelists in Belgium, Holland and in the World.

    Aerofil publishes a magazine on aerophilately, five times a year and published by Reina Beekman. Aerofil also organises aerophilatelic exhibitions and promotes aerophilately worldwide with some very nice (Gold Awarded) exhibits.

    Board of Aërofil
    President Alexander Goeminne
    Vice-President -
    Secretary Filip Van der Haegen
    Treasurer Filip Van der Haegen
    FISA-Delegate Filip Van der Haegen
    Website -
    Contact Filip Van der Haegen
    Official Publication


  • Aerophilatelic Society of Southern Africa

    No data available ... sorry !

    Board of Aeroph. Society
    President -
    Vice-President -
    Secretary -
    Treasurer -
    FISA-Delegate Neville Polakow
    Website -
    Contact -
    Official Publication


  • American Air Mail Society

    Dedicated to the documentation, preservation, advancement and promotion of aerophilately worldwide through education, study, research and services.

    The American Air Mail Society (AAMS) is the second oldest aerophilatelic society in the world., presently with more than 900 members world-wide. It is a non-profit organization.

    Membership includes a subscription to the Airpost Journal. The AAMS has one convention per year plus a table and a general meeting at the summer APS StampShow each year.

    Associated societies are the Metropolitan Air Post Society MAPS ( and the Canadian Aerophilatelic Society (

    Board of A.A.M.S.
    President David S. Ball
    Vice-President Dan Gribbin
    Secretary William C. Fort III
    Treasurer Stephen Reinhard
    FISA-Delegate Patrick Walters
    Website AAMS
    Contact [David Ball](mailto:
    Official Publication

    Airpost Journal

  • Associazione Italiana di Aerofilatelico

    L'AIDA è stata fondata nel 1958 da un gruppo di collezionisti di posta aerea con lo scopo di incrementare e promuovere il settore. I soci, in tutti questi anni, hanno proseguito nell'indirizzo dettato dai fondatori, non senza trascurare le nuove idee che via via hanno trovato accoglimento presso i collezionisti.
A partire dal 1971, l'AIDA organizza tutti gli anni la "Giornata dell'Aerofilatelia" in diverse città italiane, con la collaborazione dei circoli filatelici locali. La giornata registra sovente la presenza di espositori internazionali ed è sempre ricordata con un annullo speciale dedicato alle vicende della storia aeronautica. Sono stati editi anche numeri unici, con articoli e note sui temi ed argomenti interessanti il collezionismo aeropostale..

    Al centro degli obiettivi dell'Associazione troviamo l'Aerofilatelia, intesa come ricerca, studio, collezione di corrispondenza trasportata via aerea.

    Board of A.I.D.A.
    President Fiorenzo Longhi
    Vice-President Paolo Tondo
    Secretary Flavio Riccitelli
    Treasurer Flavio Riccitelli
    FISA-Delegate Fiorenzo Longhi
    Website Aerofilatelia
    Contact Flavio Riccitelli
    Official Publication

    AIDA Flash

  • Associazione Italiana di Astrofilatelica

    AS.IT.AF. – the Italian Astrophilately Society – has been established in 2008 as a non-profit organization, to become the focal point for all astrophilately collectors in Italy and to disseminate information among the Members and serve as a forum for exchange of ideas on our common hobby.

    AS.IT.AF. aims at
    - Promoting the interests of astrophilatelists and space collectors;
    - Facilitating contacts among collectors;
    - Promoting studies, research and publications about historical and technical aspects in relation with astrophilately and space mail;
    - Helping in starting a collection, with particular attention to young collectors;
    - Helping in finding proper astrophilatelic items, minimizing risks and errors;
    - Producing astrophilatelic items related to space events contributed by italy;
    - Organizing seminars and meetings about topics of interest;
    - Organizing and supporting astrophilately exhibitions;
    - Facilitating participation to space events;
    - Creating and maintaining relationships with similar foreign associations.

    AS.IT.AF is affiliated with the Federazione fra le Società Filateliche Italiane

    AD*ASTRA , the quarterly Journal of AS.IT.AF. provides information – both in Italian and English – on the main astrophilatelic and space events, with a special focus on Italy. Twenty five per cent of the Members are from outside.

    AS.IT.AF. is a non-profit organization and does not support commercial activity.

    Board of AS.IT.AF
    President Umberto Cavallaro
    Vice-President Luigi Bussolino
    Secretary Pietro Della Maddalena
    Treasurer Pietro Della Maddalena
    FISA-Delegate Umberto Cavallaro
    Website AS.IT.AF
    Contact Pietro Della Maddalena
    Official Publication

    Ad * Astra

  • Australian Airmail Society

    The Australian Airmail Society was founded in South Australia during October 1968 when a meeting of aerophilatelic enthusiasts gathered in the office of Nelson Eustis in Gawler Place, Adelaide. Ted Roberts was elected President and Nelson Eustis the Secretary, positions each held for a long time, Ted until a few years before his death in 1997 – Nelson until his death in 2003. Today, the society is still based in Adelaide and meets at SAPHIL House, 22 Gray Court, Adelaide every month . The society is Affiliation with FISA and has an extensive specialised library holding which is housed at SAPHIL house.

    Apart from fostering aerophilately generally, the society has organised a number of re-enactments of important pioneer flights. The most ambitious was that which in 1969 commemorated the epic Ross Smith 1919 England – Australia flight. This resultant highly successful operation was brought about with the cooperation of almost every postal administration en-route, especially Australia.

    Board of Australian AMS
    President Margaret Noack
    Vice-President John Bodnar
    Secretary John Bodnar
    Treasurer David Figg
    FISA-Delegate Martin Walker
    Website -
    Contact David Figg
    Official Publication

    The Australian Aerophilatelist

  • Belgian Philatelic Society Cosmos

    The Belgian Philatelic Society Cosmos is a society for astrophilatelists. BFV Cosmos was founded on 19 December 1971 in Gent. We are adepts of spaceflight and collect space stamps and space covers from launch sites all over the world. We organize lectures and slide shows on space stamps, covers en space collecting. We exhibit in local, national and international exhibitions.

    Our quarterly magazine, Cosmos Express, is sent worldwide to astrophilatelists. This bulletin covers all about astrophilatelic and space events in the world.

    Our members collect stamps and space covers from all countries that have a space program : United States, Europe, Union of Soviet States, India, China, Japan, ... The board and members of BFV Cosmos have a great experience in astrophilatelic exhibits at local, national and international exhibitions. BFV Cosmos is member of F.I.S.A., K.L.B.P. and Oost-Phila and is on the BePhila website.

    Board of BFV Cosmos
    President Stefan Bruylants
    Vice-President Bart Van Oppens
    Secretary Jacqueline Bekaert
    Treasurer Jean-Marie Verhalle
    FISA-Delegate Stefan Bruylants
    Website BFV Cosmos
    Contact Stefan Bruylants
    Official Publication

    Cosmos Express

  • British Air Mail Society

    The British Air Mail Society (BAMS) came out of APC London (Aerophilatelic Club London), founded in 1923.

    The BAMS (British Air Mail Society) was founded in 1958.

    The BAeF (British Airmail Federation) was founded 21st October 1984.

    APC amalgamated with BAMS in June 1985 and joined BAeF. BAeF changed it's name back to BAMS November 2008.

    The BAMS caters for anybody who has an interest in airmails of whatever period on a worldwide basis.

    All aero subjects are catered for including Air Mail History, Air Letters, Internal and External flights, Individual Airlines, Air Mail stamps, First Flights, Crash Mail, Balloons, Zeppelins, and much much more.

    BAMS publishes the Air Mail News 4 times a year. It is sent free to members.

    Board of B.A.M.S.
    President Eddie Spicer
    Vice-President John Symons
    Secretary Mike Buchanan
    Treasurer Graham Boutle
    FISA-Delegate Eddie Spicer
    Website BAMS
    Contact Eddie Spicer
    Official Publication

    Air Mail News

  • Canadian Aerophilatelic Society

    The CAS provides a forum for the exchange of information among Canadians who are interested in any aspect of world-wide aerophilately, and for collectors from around the world who are interested in Canadian aerophilately. This is mainly achieved through our newsletter, The Canadian Aerophilatelist, which is published quarterly.

    The society also provides a number of other services, including:

    a question-and-answer service for mystery air mail stamps and covers; a small library that can be searched for information on particular topics; a "sales department", with a variety of covers for sale; discount prices on many CAS and AAMS publications; representation of Canadian aerophilatelists at national and international levels.

    Board of C.A.S.
    President Steve Johnson
    Vice-President Tony Hine
    Secretary Brian Wolfenden
    Treasurer Brian Wolfenden
    FISA-Delegate Chris Hargreaves
    Website CAS
    Contact Brian Wolfenden
    Official Publication

    The Canadian Aerophilatelist

  • Cercle Aérophilatélique de France

    L'histoire postale aérienne vous intéresse : le C.A.F. vous offrira:

    des contacts entre collectionneurs lors de réunions mensuelles de septembre à juin au restaurant "Au Pied de Cochon", 6 rue Coquillère - 75001 Paris, la possibilité d'acquérir ou céder des plis dans les meilleures conditions, dans le cadre de cessions entre membres, un Bulletin d'Information illustré, diffusé 3 fois par an, comprenant toujours une ou plusieurs études historiques aéropostales et des rubriques d'informations aérophilatéliques, des conseils pour vos expositions aux niveaux départemental, régional et international, des abonnements aux revues philatéliques, livres et catalogues à des prix préférentiels, la possibilité d'acquérir facilement les souvenirs philatéliques émis à l'occasion des célébrations d'événements touchant à l'histoire de l'aviation, l'accès au site internet du C.A.F. , à son forum, à ses rubriques d'informations et documentation, à son compte twitter

    Board of C.A.F.
    President Dominique Petit
    Vice-President Jacques Renaud
    Secretary Michel Nempon
    Treasurer Guy Vandenbulcke
    FISA-Delegate Dominique Petit
    Website CAF
    Contact Dominique Petit
    Official Publication

    Bulletin d'Information

  • Chinese Air Mail Society

    No data available ... sorry !

    Board of Chinese Air Mail Society
    President Liang-Cai Ren
    Vice-President Chen-Gang Gu
    Secretary David Lu
    Treasurer Xiao-Hong Su
    FISA-Delegate David Lu
    Website -
    Contact David Lu
    Official Publication


  • Deutsche Aero-Philatelisten Club

    Endlich ist ein lange geplantes Vorhaben gelungen! Repräsentanten des DAPC, EAPC und IAPC konnten sich ab Frühjahr 2007 auf die Herausgabe eines gemeinsamen Mitteilungsheftes "Die Luftpost" einigen. begrüßt diese Initiative - und bietet an dieser Stelle kostenlosen Raum für überregionale Informationen und interessante Artikel zu Belegen der Aerophilatelie an! ist ein Non-Profit-Portal von und für Aerophilatelisten! Es steht allen Sammlern - aber auch aerophilatelistischen Vereinen - als Informationsplattform zur Verfügung. Wir zeigen und vermitteln aerophilatelistische Belege, stellen neue Kataloge vor, veröffentlichen Fachartikel, Such- und Tauschwünsche. Konkrete Anfragen beantworten wir über

    Board of D.A.P.C.
    President Friedel G. Egger
    Vice-President Alexander Kastleiner
    Secretary -
    Treasurer Alexander Kastleiner
    FISA-Delegate Friedel G. Egger
    Website -
    Contact Friedel Egger
    Official Publication

    Die Luftpost

  • Federación Filatelica Columbiana

    No data available ... sorry !

    Board of F.F.C.
    President -
    Vice-President -
    Secretary -
    Treasurer -
    FISA-Delegate -
    Website -
    Contact -
    Official Publication


  • Gesellschaft der Weltall-Philatelisten

    Our society is open to young and old, everybody interested in the development of spaceflight is greatly welcome. During our monthly meetings we inform our members about news, celebrations, plans, activities, small talk, etc... we offer possibilities to exchange philatelic material, photos, signatures etc. and always have time for discussions.

    We produce our own covers about interesting spaceflight missions, organize sellings and give support in building up your own exhibit. We can help you in translation of russian text on covers and can give you advice on some of the documents or covers you want to show.

    If possible and if enough interest from our members, we can organize trips to exhibitions and spaceflight expo in our country or abroad.

    Board of G.W.P.
    President Ernst Leu
    Vice-President Christian Schmied
    Secretary -
    Treasurer Charles Keller
    FISA-Delegate Peter Beer
    Website GWP
    Contact Ernst Leu
    Official Publication

    Space Phil News

  • Gesellschaft für Aerophilatelie

    No data available ... sorry !

    Board of Gesellschaft Aerophilatelie
    President -
    Vice-President -
    Secretary -
    Treasurer -
    FISA-Delegate -
    Website -
    Contact -
    Official Publication


  • Gmunder Weltraum Freunde

    Die Gmünder Weltraumfreunde sind ein Zusammenschluß von Menschen, die die Raumfahrt mit Briefmarken und Belegen dokumentieren. Der Verein wurde am 8. März 1959 mit Sitz in Gmünd in Niederösterreich gegründet und ist damit der erste Astrophilatelie-Verein der Erde. Heute hat er Mitglieder in Österreich, Belgien, Deutschland und Tschechien.

    Franz Voith leitete die Geschicke des Vereines 37 Jahre lang bis zu seinem Tod im Jahre 1996. Sein Nachfolger Walter Hopferwieser ist seit den 1980er Jahren mit zahlreichen Raumfahrern aus verschiedenen Ländern befreundet. 2016 erschien sein Handbuch und Spezialkatalog „Pionierraketenpost und Kosmishce Post“.

    Die Gmünder Weltraumfreunde veranstalten unrgelmäßig Weltraumausstellungen. „75 Jahre Mitteleuropäische Zeit“ in Gmünd sahen im März 1963 600 Besucher, darunter der damalige Landeshauptmann von Niederösterreich Andreas Maurer. An der Briefmarken-Wettbewerbs-Ausstellung AEROSPACE 2003 in Salzburg nahmen im Juni 2003 die Kosmonauten Georgi Gretschko, Waleri Korsun, Juri Onufrienko und Dumitru Prunariu teil.

    Board of G.W.F.
    President Ing. Walter Hopferwieser
    Vice-President Günther Stöckle
    Secretary Margit Matejka
    Treasurer Jaromir Matejka
    FISA-Delegate Jaromir Matejka
    Website GWF
    Contact Miri Matejka
    Official Publication


  • Interessengemeinschaft Lufthansa Philatelie

    The I.L.A. Interessengemeinschaft Lufthansa Aerophilatlie e.V. was established as a department of Lufthansa German Airlines in 1958 as “Philatelisten Club Deutsche Lufthansa”. Later on Jan. 11, 1963 this Club was named as it is today: ILA Interessengemeinschaft Lufthansa Aerophilatelie e.V. After this date, die ILA is independent from the airline Lufthansa German Airlines.

    The Club is handling all First Flights, Jubilee actions and presentations of History as far as Lufthansa is concerned. The Club is acting with the different Postal Authorities, creating in cooperation with Lufthansa their interests of publication as far as their Logo is concerned within the first flight actions.

    Board of I.L.A.
    President Karl-Jürgen Schepers
    Vice-President Dr. Hans Langisch
    Secretary Lutz Dieter Mertens
    Treasurer -
    FISA-Delegate Lutz Dieter Mertens-
    Website -
    Contact ILA
    Official Publication

    ILA Rundschreiben

  • Internationale Aero-Philatelisten Club

    Der Internationale Aero-Philatelisten Club (IAPC) feierte im Oktober 2007 anlässlich der Briefmarkenmesse Berlin seinen 80sten Geburtstag. Raymund Scheer gründete 1927 mit einigen anderen bekannten Aerophilatelisten den IAPC in Berlin. Es war damals eine interessante Zeit für die Aerophilatelie, denn viele Fluggesellschaften , wie zum Beispiel die Luft Hansa, erweiterten ihr Streckennetz in großem Maße, so dass viele Belege entstanden, die heute sehr begehrt sind. Ein großer Name, der auf vielen Belegen der damaligen Zeit erscheint, ist Kurt Dahmann, der ein sehr aktiver Wegbegleiter unseres Vereins war. Die von ihm herausgegebene Zeitschrift "Die Luftpost" begleitete den IAPC viele Jahre bis 1996. Seit 1997 hat der IAPC die Zeitschrift übernommen und bis 2007 weitergeführt.

    Nach vielen Gesprächen der deutschen Luftpost-Sammler-Vereine hat sich der DAPC, der EAPC und der IAPC entschlossen eine gemeinsame Luftpost-Zeitschrift zu machen, um die Sammler einnander näher zu bringen und die Zeitschrift interessanter gestalten zu können.

    Board of I.A.P.C.
    President Frank Hindeburg
    Vice-President Achim Lange
    Secretary -
    Treasurer Fritz Scheinert
    FISA-Delegate Frank Hindeburg
    Website IAPC
    Contact Frank Hindeburg
    Official Publication

    Die Luftpost

  • Mabeosz

    MABÉOSZ is a longtime member of F.I.S.A. and organised two important aerophilatelic exhibitions in Hungary under the name Aerophila. The club was refounded 10 years ago by Istvan Talas, from St Gallen, active exhibitor as one Aerophilatelic Section of MABÉOSZ Magyar Bélyeggyűjtők Országos Szövetsége (National Federation of Hungarian Philatelist). In the 60th, 70th Mr. László Steiner was a very active member of FISA. The section has 12 members, 4 active air mail exhibitors (Zoltán Koleszár, Dr. György Lővei, Dobák István, Szirtes György). We have a periodic Repülőposta, but we do not issue it regurally. If we publish articles we publish them in Philatelica, scientific philatelic journal of MAFITT (Hungarian Philatelic Scientific Association - see web site: MAFITT), or in Orbis Pictus periodics of the section of the Slovak-Czech section of MABÉOSZ.

    Board of Mabéosz
    President Dr. Lővei György
    Vice-President -
    Secretary László Filep
    Treasurer -
    FISA-Delegate Dr. Lővei György
    Website -
    Contact Mabéosz
    Official Publication


  • Philatelic Society of India

    No data available ... sorry !

    Board of Phil. Soc. of India
    President -
    Vice-President -
    Secretary -
    Treasurer -
    FISA-Delegate -
    Website -
    Contact -
    Official Publication


  • Philatelisten-Club Swissair

    Der Philatelisten-Club Swissair wurde im Dezember 1958 in Zürich gegründet. Hauptziel des Vereins ist es, die Luftfahrtentwicklung der SWISSAIR und von der SWISS sowie die internationale Entwicklung der Schweizer Flughäfen zu dokumentieren.

    Wir versuchen, auf allen neuen Strecken der SWISS und von ausländischen Airlines unsere Erstflugbriefe mitfliegen zu lassen. Dies ab Zürich, UNO Genf und Liechtenstein sowie vom Ausland in die Schweiz.

    Wir treffen uns jeweils am 1. Montag im Monat zu unserem gemütlichen Höck und veröffentlichen 2x pro Jahr unser Vereinsheft „Luftpost und Philatelie“.

    Sie können bei uns Mitglied werden oder auch nur ein Abonnement für die neuen Belege abschliessen. Auch ältere Briefe sind bei uns noch erhältlich.

    Board of P.C.S.
    President Peter Beer
    Vice-President Peter Ehrat
    Secretary Iris Erne
    Treasurer Leichti Werner
    FISA-Delegate Peter Beer
    Website PCS
    Contact Peter Beer
    Official Publication

    Philatelie und Luftpost

  • Schweizerischer Aerophilatelisten-Verein

    Der gesamtschweizerisch tätige Verein mit über 250 Mitgliedern bezweckt den Zusammenschluss von Sammlern von Flugpost und aerophilatelistischen Dokumenten unter Einbezug der Aviatik als Transportmittel im Bereich der Aerophilatelie sowie die Förderung der philatelistischen und flugpostalischen Kenntnisse

    Zu diesem Zweck werden regelmässige Zusammenkünfte, z.B. der Höck (s. unter Termine), aber auch Ausstellungen und andere Arten von Werbeschauen selbst oder im Patronatssystem in Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Vereinen organisiert. Speziell zu erwähnen sind hier die Tage der Aerophilatelie. Des Weiteren gehören Dienstleistungen im Bereich der Vereinstätigkeit wie die Rundsendungen, Neuheitendienst, Auktionen sowie die Beratung von Mitgliedern und das Vermitteln von Kauf- und Verkaufsmöglichkeiten dazu.

    Board of S.A.V.
    President Rolf Rötheli
    Vice-President René Koller
    Secretary Jürg Tschumper
    Treasurer Edi Schwarz
    FISA-Delegate Peter Beer
    Website SAV
    Contact Rolf Rötheli
    Official Publication

    Philatelie und Luftpost

  • Sociedad Argentina de Aerofilatelia


    Board of S.A.A.
    President Diego Sadowski
    Vice-President -
    Secretary -
    Treasurer -
    FISA-Delegate -
    Website -
    Contact Diego Sadowski
    Official Publication


  • Space Unit

    The Space Unit is an organisation of hobbists devoted to the collection and study of covers and stamps issued on space themes. It has a world wide membership and is the largest independent astrophilatelic society in the world.

    The Space Unit was founded in November, 1957 by a group of collectors in the Greater Chicagoland area and midwestern United States. It is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Illinois. Since its inception, it has grown in membership into the largest astrophilatelic independent society in the world. Members are represented throughout the United States and Canada, as well as the five continents.The Space Unit is affiliated with the American Philatelic Society and the American Topical Association.

    Board of Space Unit
    President Tom Steiner
    Vice-President Steve Durst
    Secretary David Blog
    Treasurer Terry Chamberlion
    FISA-Delegate Charles Bromser
    Website Space Unit
    Contact David Blog
    Official Publication

    The Astrophile

  • Vliegende Hollander

    “De Vliegende Hollander” (=The Flying Dutchman), a society founded in Amsterdam on 1 January 1936, aims to promote the interests of collectors of airmail, including airmail stamps, special airmail, postmarks and aviation documents.

    The society tries to achieve and encourage this by activities such as:

    • organising regional meetings with lectures and auctions in three different regions in The Netherlands;
    • celebrating the annual “Day of the Aero Philately” with an exhibition and a special cover and commemorative postmark;
    • new-issue service at cost price, which enables its members to subscribe to airmail covers carried by various airlines and often cancelled with special postmarks;
    • circuit, which enables its participants to buy philatelic material from boxes circulating among the members;
    • library service; the society’s book collection is located in the library of the Royal Netherlands Association of Philatelic Societies (KNBF) in Houten;
    • publishing books and airmail catalogues;
    • publishing a magazine, “De Aero-Philatelist” (4 volumes per year);
    • a website (;
    • general e-mail address:

    Board of De Vliegende Hollander
    President -vacancy-
    Vice-President Jaap Kenter
    Secretary Wim Van der Helm
    Treasurer Klaas Jongerden
    FISA-Delegate ---
    Website De Vliegende Hollander
    Contact Wim Van der Helm
    Official Publication

    De Aero-Philatelist

  • Weltraum Philatelie

    Wir wollen Nicht-Philatelisten für unser Hobby begeistem and auch anleiten, Astrophilatelisten zu werden aber auch Menschen, die bereits Philatelisten sind, motivieren, sich unserem jungen and faszinierenden Sammelgebiet zuzuwenden. NatBrach sind auch Sammler willkommen, die den Themenbereich nach den Regeln der Thematik beschaftigen. Wir geben darüber hinaus Uberblicke über die verschiedenen Teilbereiche der Astronornie and der Weltraumforschung, mit denen zu beschaftigen es sich besonders lohnt.

    Schwerpunkt unserer Publikationen in Deutschland ist das Mitteilungsblatt gleichen Namens. Es erscheint jahrlich viermal im Umfang von jeweils ca. 64 Seiten. Darin erhalten die Mitglieder Hinweise zu relevanten historischen, aktuellen and zukOnftigen Ereignissen, Forschungsergebnissen and Fachartikeln. RegelmaBige Rubriken wie „Literatur, „Belege kritisch gesehen", „Vorsicht, Falschung. usw. bieten konkreten Rat and Hilfe. Seit der Vereinsgrandung wurden so etwa auf 1.200 Seiten Neuheiten- Berichte zu Briefmarken, Sonderstempeln and Ganzsachen publiziert and auf 2.200 Seiten astrophilatelistische Themen behandelt.

    Board of Weltraum Philatelie
    President Jürgen P. Esders
    Vice-President Dr. Torsten Geemsa
    Secretary Jürgen P. Esders
    Treasurer Michael Anderiasch
    FISA-Delegate Jürgen P. Esders
    Website Weltraum Philatelie
    Contact Jürgen Esders
    Official Publication

    Weltraum Philatelie

How to become a member of F.I.S.A. ?

Any philatelic club interested in aerophilately or astrophilately can become a member of F.I.S.A. and receive all the support F.I.S.A. can bring to you in philately, exhibits, jury questions, technical assistance and/or knowledge.

If your club wants to become a member of F.I.S.A. , please contact our Secretary-General Stefan Bruylants. After your membership form is sent, your appliance will be discussed on the next Congress and General Meeting. When accepted, the treasurer of F.I.S.A. will contact your club to inform you about the arrangements to become a member of F.I.S.A.