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Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Aerophilatéliques

The F.I.S.A. Bulletin was the quarterly bulletin, edited by F.I.S.A. during many years. It was our long time board member, late Alex Newall, who was in charge of this printed magazine for many years.

Information from our member societies is also available in flash messages, remaining only a short time on the site.


Information on Astrophilately

Posted 2018-03-27 21:42:51

Information on Astrophilately for Jury Members and Exhibitors

A 48 pages manual compiled by Mrs. Beatrice Bachmann when she was Leader of the Section for Astrophilately within F.I.P. from 1985 until 2000.

This manual shows illustrations and related comments in accordance with the SREV and Guidelines for Astrophilately.


Download :

Due to some limitations by Magento-shops, the manual is only available for the first 25 pages now.
We hope to have it completely online soon.

This manual is published with full permission of Mrs. Beatrice Bachmann and with the help of Chris Schmied, Bureau Member of the Astro Commission within F.I.P. since 2016.

Download Pdf