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Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Aerophilatéliques

The F.I.S.A. Bulletin was the quarterly bulletin, edited by F.I.S.A. during many years. It was our long time board member, late Alex Newall, who was in charge of this printed magazine for many years.

Information from our member societies is also available in flash messages, remaining only a short time on the site.


On creating subclasses for Aero-Philately Exhibits

Posted 2016-11-14 04:58:17

A few weeks ago, a report on the FIP meeting in Singapore 2015 noted that the FIP Aerophilately Commission was proposing the division of Aerophilately Class into two sub-sections.

(1) Development and Operations of Airmail Services, and

(2) Airmail Stamps and their use in Airmail Services.
The stated driving force for this proposal was a desire to avoid having exhibits that were entered as Aerophilately reclassified as Traditional because the exhibit focus was airmail stamps rather than aeropostal history.

I expressed general opposition to this idea in the Airpost Journal, but took no immediate action to determine its status. Inaction almost invariably is followed by regret, but in this instance it made no difference. As it turns out, the train had already departed.This proposal to create two sub-classes of Aerophilately was magically railroaded through, and in fact had already been approved by the FIP Board.  Fait accompli !

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