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Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Aerophilatéliques

The Board of F.I.S.A

The F.I.S.A. organisation consists of three levels of decision making parties:


The Presidium :
President, Vice-President(s), Secretary-General, Treasurer

The Board :
Presidium and Board members

The Directorate :
Presidium, Board Members, Honorary Members and Consultants

President Wolfgang Porges D Aerophilately / Germany, Austria
Vice-President Dominique Petit F French speaking world / Website
Secr.-General Stefan Bruylants B Astrophilately / Website
Treasurer Peter Beer CH Treasurer / Switzerland
Board Members Hugo Goeggel COL Central- and South-America
  Bedrich Helm CZ Eastern Europe
  György Lövei H Russia
  Patrick Walters USA Northern America
  Neville Polakow SAF Africa (non-French)
  Romano Savini I Southern Europe / Mediterranean
  Ross Wood AUS F.I.P. link / Australia, Asia
Honorary Member Hans Mierl A  
Honorary Member Steve Reinhard USA  



Any philatelic club interested in aerophilately or astrophilately can become a member of F.I.S.A. and receive all the support F.I.S.A. can bring to you in philately, exhibits, jury questions, technical assistance and/or knowledge.
The yearly subscription was accepted at the 43rd Congress and General Meeting in October 2007 at Bellefonte /PA , United States.

If your club wants to become a member of F.I.S.A. , please contact our Secretary-General Stefan Bruylants. After your membership form is sent, your appliance will be discussed on the next Congress and General Meeting. When accepted, the treasurer of F.I.S.A. will contact your club to inform you about the arrangements to become a member of F.I.S.A.



  • Mr. Dominique PETIT
  • 32 Avenue de Normandie
  • F-78000 Versailles
  • France
  • fd.petit@orange.fr



  • Mr. Peter BEER
  • Birchwilerstr. 7
  • CH-8303 Bassersdorf
  • Switzerland
  • peterbeer@gmx.ch