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Jim Graue
David Steidley Ph.D.
Dr. Robert Dille
Stephen Reinhard

Contact : jrobtdille(at)

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Dr. Robert Dille
335 Merkle Drive
Norman, OK 73069-6429


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The Airpost Journal

Dedicated to the documentation, preservation, advancement and promotion of aerophilately worldwide through education, study, research and services.

The American Air Mail Society (AAMS) is the second oldest aerophilatelic society in the world., presently with more than 900 members world-wide. It is a non-profit organization.

Membership includes a subscription to the Airpost Journal.The AAMS has held two conventions per year but has changed to one convention each year plus it will have a table and a general meeting at the summer APS StampShow each year.

Associated societies are the Metropoletean Air Post Society MAPS ( and the Canadian Aerophilately Society (