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FISA is the international representative of the interests of the Aerophilatelic and Astrophilatelic community. The main task for FISA is to promote and defend Aerophilately and Astrophilately in the international world of philately.

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IAPC : 60th Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennet 2016

!! After NEW YORK 2016 EXHIBITION : missing page in exhibit




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Jean Mermoz disappeared 80 years ago : new book.

Aviation and Airmail Encyclopaedia 1 + 2
by J.L.C.M. TSchroots (A.I.J.P.) and H.H.C. TSchroots-Boer

NEW FISA MEMBER : Weltraum Philatelie joined FISA

Original Article : Air Mail from Bulgary in 1928, by R. Saundry

An Aerophilatelic exhibit is composed
An Astrophilatelic exhibit is built

Recent Magazines from our Societies

- The Australian Aerophilatelist
Die Luftpost
- The Canadian Aerophilatelist
- Cosmos Express
- The Astrophile
- The Airpost Journal
- Aida Flash
- l' Aéropostale
- ILA Rundschreiben
- Die Luftpost Nachrichten des APCD
- Weltraum Philatelie Mitteilungsblad

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F.I.S.A. rejects F.I.P. proposal on Astrophilately, by W. Porges

On Creating Sub-Classes for Aerophilately Exhibits by Jim Graue

Discussion on F.I.P. proposal

Definitions for Aerophilately and Astrophilately


Honorary President of F.I.S.A. died at the age of 95.

F.I.S.A. received the sad news that our Honorary President Roland F. Kohl died at the age of 95 on July 11th 2016.

Roland Kohl was President of F.I.S.A. from 1977 until 1998. More .

F.I.S.A. Board Meeting, October 8th 2016, Luzern/CH

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