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F.I.S.A. - Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Aerophilatéliques

F.I.S.A. is the international representative of the interests of the Aerophilatelic and Astrophilatelic community.
The main task for F.I.S.A. is to promote and defend Aerophilately and Astrophilately in the international world of philately.

NEWS : Major (Rtd.) Richard K. Malott, CD, M.Sc., B.A. passed away

NEWS : Consul Hermann Walter Sieger passed away


An Aerophilatelic exhibit is composed essentially of postal documents transmitted by air, bearing evidence of having been flown. An Aerophilatelic exhibit should represent a study of the development, operation or other defined scope of airmail services, presenting directly relevant items and documenting the treatment and analysis of the Aerophilatelic material. The transportation of mail by air may be shown in several ways : by adhesive stamps, vignettes (with and without face value), labels, cancellations, cachets, transit, route and other explanatory markings, written endorsements, backstamps and relevant signatures.


An Astrophilatelic exhibit is built up on historical, technical and scientific aspects related to space research and space programmes. Astrophilately is the collecting of philatelic material related to space exploration. It does not develop a theme, it is a philatelic study of the scientific and technical progress achieved in conquest of space, including stratosphere research, early rocketry and the precursors to the various types of spacecraft, chronologically recording the relative events within the different programs.




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